Simple Intermodulation-Free Frequency Generator

This tool is a simple prototype to help finding frequencies for use with radio microphones for events, that do not generate third-order intermodulations that could disturb the transmission.

We do not guarantee for correct function or correctness. Use this tool at your own risk. This tool currently only considers intermodulations between the primary frequencies, not with their existing intermodulations.

This program is Free/Libre Software. You can use, study, redistribute and improve the software under the terms of the MIT license.

How to use this application?

This application calculates intermodulations based on your input. Since the app is tuned for radio microphones, which typically operate between 200 and 1800 MHz, it expects values in this magnitude. However, you can download and modify the script to fit your needs.

First, enter a frequency range (determined by a starting and ending frequency). All calculated frequencies will be within this range.

The Delta determines how much distance generated frequencies must leave to each other and the intermodulations. For professional wireless microphones, about 250 kHz should work fine.

The step value determines the frequency steps of your equipment. All values will be multiples of this frequency, e.g. 25 kHz.

You can use this tool to calculate multiple frequency ranges, keeping intermodulations intact. For example, you could start calculating frequencies from 830 to 832 MHz, then press the Apply button at the bottom to mark these frequencies as used. If you continue calculating frequencies from 823 to 830 MHz, they will ensure not to cause intermodulations for your accepted frequencies.

If you have suggestions on how to improve this tool, please let us know via an issue at Codeberg or via E-Mail

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